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How To Use A "Level 60 Boost Voucher" On An Existing Character

After purchasing a "Level 60 Boost Voucher", you can use it on an existing character while playing on that character in-game! This will level up the existing character all the way to Level 60!

Please know that using a "Level 60 Boost Voucher" on an existing character cannot be undone! This process is irreversible and cannot be reverted by the Customer Support staff. So, PLEASE, make sure that you are using the voucher on the correct character prior to using it. 

To use the Level 60 Boost Voucher, on an existing character, you only need to do the following:

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  1. Press the "Escape" key on your keyboard to bring up all of the icons on the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Click on the icon that looks like the "Level 60 Boost Voucher". 
  3. Click on the Confirm button to continue the process. This may include choosing your Faction.
  4. Choose if you wish to continue with the boosting your character to Level 60 or to cancel the process.
    4a. Click on "Confirm" to boost your character to Level 60. This will consume the "Level 60 Boost Voucher". 
    4b. Click on "Cancel" to cancel the entire process. This will not use the "Level 60 Boost Voucher". 
  5. Once you click on "Confirm", you character will be quickly leveled up to Level 60.



  • Your existing character needs to have completed the tutorial quest, "Prologue - Chapter 7: The Proving Grounds", in order to be able to use the "Level 60 Boost Voucher" on them. Once that quest is completed, the option will appear after pressing the "Escape" key. 

  • If you performed this on a character within an area that causes your character to get "stuck", you can use the Windstride ability to remove yourself from the area. You can do this by pressing "M" to pull up your map and clicking on any green Windstride icon. 


Steps 1 and 2:



Step 3:



Step 4 (4a and 4b):



Step 5 - Finished:


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