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Accidental Overwrites of Pet Tags and Elite Pet Tags

We've received reports of players who have accidentally overwritten their "Elite Pet Tags" with "Pet Tags" (and vice versa) when augmenting their Pet Auras.

Unfortunately, because of limitations in our tools and the random nature of the Augments, we're not able to restore or replace these Augment items. 

However, you can help prevent these occurrences from happening by observing the information available during the Augment process.


While upgrading your Pet Aura, please review the following information:
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  • Current Equipment: This will inform you on the exact item that you're trying to Augment. 
  • Before Augment / After Augment: This is one of the best sources to tell if your currently chosen Augment is the one that you wish to use.
    • If the "After Augment" shows stats with a range lower than the "Before Augment" section, then you're likely attempting to use an inferior Augment. 
    • Going from using a "Pet Tag" to an "Elite Pet Tag" will restart the entire Augment process.
  • The Confirmation Window (shown without the Text confirmation): This is the best source of information to see if you're using the correct item to augment your Pet Aura. 
    • Item Name: Make sure this item matches the item you were intending to use. If this doesn't match then you're not going to get the result that you were hoping for.
      • You can prevent this mistake from happening by:
        1. Pressing the "Escape" key on your keyboard
        2. Clicking on the "Cancel" button with your mouse
        3. By pressing the "N" key on your keyboard.
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