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XIGNCODE3 must be running

If you are disconnected from the game with the error message “XIGNCODE3 must be running in order for Blade & Soul to function normally,” it means that the game client is unable to communicate with XIGNCODE3, a service we use to ensure a safe and fair play environment for our players.

A variety of factors can cause this to happen, including:

  • The use of third-party programs or services designed to bypass the launcher.
  • Making registry or .XML file edits.
  • The use of services not included in the official game client.

The customer support team cannot resolve any of these causes for you. To continue to access the game, we suggest you uninstall all third-party software that interferes with the launcher and you restore all file edits to their original state.

If nothing else works, please uninstall and reinstall the official game client using the following link:

Then start Blade & Soul without any other programs running (You can find instructions on how to do this HERE. If you get disconnected from the game after re-activating a particular program, you will know that you cannot use this program in combination with Blade & Soul.

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