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How To Claim Items/Purchases in Update 4.3 (Fire and Blood)

There are some new quality-of-life changes to the “Received Items” tab within the new 4.3 Update.

First, items will no longer have to be “Unpacked” to claim them. Single items or items that arrive in a single bundle are automatically “Unpacked” (outlined in red). These are denoted with a “(1)” at the end of the entry.

To claim these items:

  1. Check mark the item(s) that you wish to collect and click on “Retrieve Items” button (outlined in green).


  2. Alternatively, you can right-click on the item’s icon, on the right half of the window, without needing to check mark the item or clicking on the "Retrieve Items" button (also outlined in green).




In a similar scenario, items of the same name and stack size will be condensed into one entry within the “Received Items” tab.


You want to claim one stack of "Soulstone Crystal (x10)" out of the three (3) stacks available (outlined in red). 

  1. Left-click on the "Soulstone Crystal (x10) (3)" entry.

  2. Right-click on the icon on the right-hand side of the window.

  3. Choose the amount of stacks I want to claim.

    • In this case, it's 1 stack. The stack sizes for this entry are stacks of 10 Soulstone Crystals.

  4. The inventory gained 10 Soulstone Crystals. The "Received Items" tab now shows (2) stacks left of "Soulstone Crystal (x10)". 

The items outlined in orange would work the same way, except they’re stacks of single (non-bundled) items.






(Starting after Maintenance on March 28th, 2018)

Items that come in Bundles:

(Example: Duelist Bundle, Mastery Bundle, Starter Pack, etc.)

These items work a bit differently, in the way of claiming them.
In this example, we'll be working with the Duelist Bundle.

When you purchase these items, they will show up as separate entries for each piece of item that is sent. Because there are nine items in the bundle, you'll get nine entries in your "Received Items" tab. These entries are all linked with each other. When you select one entry, all of the entries will be selected (shown by the blue outline around the treasure chest icon on the left). Clicking one more time, on any of these entries, will remove the check marks on the right side. This is VERY important, depending on how you want to claim these items. See below:





**Instructions to remove individual items from the Bundle**

1. Make sure that there are NO check marks on the left-hand side of the window. If there are check marks, clicking on any of the Duelist Bundle entries one more time will remove all check marks. 

2. Right-click on the item that you want to remove from the bundle, from the right hand side of the window. (Example: Designer Weapon Skin Chest).

3. Verify the extraction in the follow-up confirmation window. 

If done correctly, you'll notice that the "Designer Weapon Skin Chest" is now in your inventory and there are only 8 entries left for the Duelist Bundle in your Received Items tab. See below:




**Instructions on claiming the entire Bundle**

1. Click on any of the entries for "Duelist Bundle" from your Received Items tab. Make sure that there are check marks in the boxes. (See screenshot below.)

2a. Click on the "Retrieve Items" button


2b. Right-click on any item on the right-hand side of the window. 

3. Depending on which method you choose, you'll get a different confirmation window. However, the displayed information is not correct.

NOTEIt does not matter if you chose method "2a" or "2b". If the check marks are filled in, the system will pull ALL of the remaining Bundle items out of your Received Items tab and move them into that character's inventory. 

4. Once you click on "Confirm", on the pop-up window, you'll receive all of the remaining Bundle items inside of your inventory. See below:







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