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How to Use Race/Gender Change Vouchers

Key things to remember:

  • Race & Gender specific items WILL NOT be converted over to the new race and/or gender. 
  • Don't forget to pick your character's voice, if you do not want the default!


  1. Purchase the Voucher from the Hongmoon Store. 
    (From In-Game or Character Lobby)

  2. Unpack the Item.
    If you do not do it here, you can still do it during the Change process below.

  3. Go back to the Character Lobby.
    Click on the appropriate Icon under the character list (Gender & Race, respectively.)

  4. Unpack the Voucher.
    This will only appear if you didn't previously unpack it. You will need to confirm Unpacking the Voucher.

  5. Select the character for your Race/Gender change.
    *Race is shown in screenshots.

  6. Select your new Race and/or Gender.
    *Race voucher is shown.
    **Items that are for specific Races or Genders WILL NOT be changed or exchanged.

  7. Alter your character, as desired.
    This is, essentially, the character creation screen.
    Don't forget to change your character's voice!

  8. Confirm your character's new appearance.
    If you changed your race but not the gender you will get another confirmation window.
    It will inform you that the Gender wasn't changed and will ask you to Confirm this. 

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