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Evolving Pets - Patch 2.2

Pet Basics: 
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  • Pets are usable by level 50 players, and can be obtained as rare drops from Heroic dungeons, or randomly in pet pouches available from the Hongmoon Store.

  • They also come in multiple quality types, which determines if they can be traded and upgraded. The lower quality Superior (blue) pets cannot be traded or upgraded, and are commonly used as starting pets, or as material sources to evolve the higher quality Heroic (purple) pets.

  • You can Transmute Pets into Pet Enhancement Stones (which can also be transmuted from other materials). You can use the Pet Enhancement Stones  to upgrade Heroic quality pets through their evolve screen (similar to weapons).
  • You can evolve a Heroic pet 10 times, and increasing your pet level will provide them with increasingly powerful defensive bonuses.

  • Bonuses don’t differ based on the type of pet you use.

  • Your pet will show a countdown timer, of how long it will provide its defensive bonus, when mousing over its summoning item. 
    • When that time runs out, the pet will unsummon and you’ll lose the buff.
    • Giving them Petnip will fill the timer by a set amount, depending on the type of Pet.

Evolving Pets & Their Bonuses:

Evolving Pets requires either "Sealed Pet Enhancement Stones" or "Pet Enhancement Stones".

To start the Evolving process, click on the "Evolve" button in your Inventory screen or Hold "Shift" + Left Click on the Pet; the same as you would upgrade a Weapon.

*Ingredients/Recipes may change as the game evolves.*

  • "Sealed Pet Enhancement Stones" are Tradeable.
    • You need to "Open" the Sealed versions before they're usable.
    • These can be acquired via Transmutations that use "Pets" as ingredients.

  • "Pet Enhancement Stones" are NOT Tradeable.
    • These can be acquired via Transmutations that use non-pet ingredients.
    • These can be acquired by opening "Sealed Pet Enhancement Stones".



Transmuting Recipes:
*Ingredients/Recipes may change as the game evolves.*



Evolving Pets:

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