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The last few months have been exciting for Blade & Soul and have included tons of new content, new classes, new game mechanics, and a lot more. We’re continuing to work toward our previously announced 2016 content roadmap, which you can see in the Producer’s Letter from early June.

As we add new features and evaluate the game as a whole, we’re constantly looking to ensure a high quality experience. In order to adapt with our evolving player base, we’re going to be connecting the world zones between multiple servers together (full list below) so that characters on other servers are playing in the same world zones and in the same language. These linked servers will have a combined Faction population count, thus we have also taken care to look at faction balance to consider the server groups.

You’ll be sharing zones and channels with characters from other servers in an entirely seamless way. You’ll be able to group in the world with other players from your linked server group, create or join a clan with them, and send mail to other characters in your linked server group.

Here are the linked server groups:



When you create a character you’ll still select which server you want to play on, and you’ll be identified by your home server name in-game. We will be adding a small identifier to the server name so you can clearly see what server group that server belongs to. Additionally, if you want to further control what server group you’re in, we’re going to be releasing a paid server transfer service in the near future too; more information on this service will be released in the near future.

We’re currently targeting the server groups to be linked with an update next Thursday, July 14 during a special extended maintenance period that will replace our usual Wednesday maintenance.

As a result, the weekly rewards will cover the longer period of July 6–14, and then the shorter period of July 14–20, after which we resume our regular Wednesday maintenance time. We will have more information on expected downtime during this Thursday maintenance closer to the 14th.


We look forward to playing with you in the new linked server groups!

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