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How To Use Outfit Delivery Stamps

Certain outfits in the game can be mailed from one character to another using "Outfit Delivery Stamps". Outfits that can be sent using Outfit Delivery Stamps will be labeled "Bound to Account", along with the number of stamps needed.

"Outfit Delivery Stamps" can be purchased from the Hongmoon Store, under the Services tab.

Here are the amount of stamps need for each item:

  • Costume = 6 stamps
  • Accessories = 3 stamps
  • Cat Costumes = 3 stamps
  • Cat Headgear = 3 stamps
  • Cat Adornments = 2 stamps

We are aware of some issues where some of these pieces aren't able to be mailed. If you run into this, please submit a "Gameplay Issue" ticket so that we can look into it.



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