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How Do I Add a Recurring Premium Membership to my Game Account?

Follow these steps to get your Blade & Soul account on a recurring Premium Membership subscription plan:

  1. Log into your NC Account
  2. In your Account Management (MY ACCOUNT) page, look to the right. Click on the ADD SUBSCRIPTION button next to your Blade & Soul account
  3. Choose your preferred subscription plan* and click the BUY NOW button
  4. Choose your preferred payment method
  5. Enter the required billing information into the fields provided and click OK
  6. Review your purchase and click CONFIRM

When you are done, you will receive a message stating the activation was successful. You will also receive an email confirmation.


  • Credit/debit cards and PayPal® payments will automatically recur until cancelled/deactivated
  • All Premium Membership plans are billed up front in one payment for the full amount.

*Plus applicable sales/VAT tax.

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