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Copying files from another directory

To copy files from another directory or from another Hard Disk Drive, please follow the instructions carefully as you will need to install the game halfway before copying the files as shown in the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Download the Blade and Soul installer in the link provided below:
  2. Locate the BnS_Lite_Installer.exe that you have saved. Right click on the file and select run as administrator.
  3. You will then be prompted to select a language. Click the dropdown box to select from English, German or French then click ‘Ok’.



  1. Click ‘Next’ to continue the installation process.



  1. Read and Accept the user agreement then click ‘Next’ to continue.



  1. Click on “Browse” and select the folder where you want Blade and Soul to be installed. The resulting path should always end with the folder ‘NCSoft’ for the installation to be successful.
    e. F:\NCSoft

  2. Click on ‘Next’ to continue the installation after selecting the directory.





  1. Create a Desktop Shortcut (Recommended) then click ‘Next’.



  1. Click on ‘Install’ to start the process.


  1. Click on Finish to move on to the next step. (ticking the box is optional)



  1. Locate the Blade and Soul shortcut created in your desktop. Right click the file and select run as administrator for the launcher to start updating.


  1. You will then be taken to the login screen. Input your login credentials and click ‘LOG IN’ to proceed or if you do not have an account, please create a new NC account. For a guide on how to create a new NC account please follow the link:





  1. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted with another License Agreement. Once you have finished reading, tick the “I have read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy” and click ‘I Agree’ to continue.



  1. A window will prompt you to update the game. Click ‘Update’ to proceed.



  1. A file check will appear. Click ‘Confirm’ for the game to start updating then click ‘Cancel’ when the game starts downloading the patch.



  1. Locate the Blade and Soul file that you will be copying to the installation directory.



  1. Click on the file and press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘C’ to copy the file and paste it using ‘Ctrl’ + ‘V’ to the chosen directory. i.e. F:\NCSoft

  1. When a prompt appears to overwrite the files in the chosen directory, click on ‘Replace the files in the destination’ and do it for all the conflicts to proceed.


  1. After copying the files, go back to the launcher and click on ‘Update’ to proceed. The launcher will check the files and automatically check and repair the Blade and Soul files that you have copied.



  1. Click on ‘Install Game’ to proceed.



  1. The game will now install all the files that you have copied and automatically launch Blade and Soul when completed.



  1. You can now enjoy playing Blade and Soul!

Tip: Remember to launch the game from the Shortcut created in your Desktop to avoid encountering difficulties in launching the game.

Note: There will be an NCWEST folder with the NCLauncher which will be installed on Drive C (C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest ) by default and this is intended as only the Blade and Soul directory can be changed.

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