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How To Use The Daily Dash

The Daily Dash is a way to get extra items by logging in. These items include Soulstone Crystals, Moonstone Crystals, Venture Tokens, and more!

Everyone will get a total of 2 spins per day, while Premium Members will get 3 spins per day.

There is a 1 hour wait after a spin before another spin can be used, and items won are sent to the “Received Items” tab. The rewards will still be sent even if the window is closed before the animation is finished.


Premium Bonuses

With an active Premium Membership, and when landing on a Premium Bonus space(marked by a blue star (★) and frame), you’ll receive a random effect that can change the reward. Here are the possible (random) effects that can happen when landing on a Premium Bonus space with an active Premium Membership:

  • Advance to Start
    • Collect the reward and then proceed to Start to also collect the Completion Reward.
  • Double Your Reward
    • Get double of the reward you landed on.
  • Complete One Round
    • Collect the reward and then make a full rotation of the board (collecting the Completion Reward on the way) and return to your current spot to collect the reward again.
  • Surprise Prize
    • In addition to the reward you landed on, you’ll also receive a Brilliant Venture Token.
  • Double Your Spin
    • Move again for the same number of spaces. For example, if you’re on space six and roll a 3, you’ll move to space nine (which is the Premium bonus spot), claim the reward, then move 3 more to space 12 and also claim the reward there.

A Premium Bonus will not activate without a Premium Membership. However, without Premium, you’ll still be able roll normally, receive the rewards you land on, and receive a reward for landing on or passing Start.

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