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The character name I want is already in use

We will consider releasing the character name of an account under the following conditions:

  • The name was not reserved as part of the perks associated with a Disciple or Master Founder's Pack.
  • The name does not belong to a high-level character.
  • The account has been inactive for a long enough time.

We may also take into consideration other factors that affect the eligibility of a name.

Please be aware that we will only release the name in question. Once the name has been released, it will be available to all players on a first-come, first-served basis. You will need to purchase a Name Change Voucher, available from the in-game store, to change your current name to the one that was released.

The Customer Support Team cannot guarantee or reserve the name for your use. If another player picks the released name before you do, they will become the new rightful owner of that name.

To request the release of a character name that is already in use, please contact our customer support team here. Please make sure to include the character name you wish to use in your request.


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