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The Character Name I Want Is Already In Use

We will consider releasing the character name of an account under the following conditions: 

  • The name was not reserved as part of the perks associated with a Disciple or Master Founder's Pack.
  • The name does not belong to a high-level character/account.
  • The account has been inactive for a long enough time.
  • We may also take into consideration other factors that affect the eligibility of a name. 

Please be aware that we will only release the name(s) in question if you supply two (2) Name Change Vouchers (per name being changed). This is only available to existing characters on your account. This is to cover the original owner of the name and to change your own character's name.  

Customer Support will not release “inactive” names to be used for potential “new characters”; nor will they be swapped, for free, on existing low-level characters. 

The Customer Support team cannot guarantee that a name will be available. Customer Support cannot reserve a name for your use if you do not have the required two (2) Name Change Vouchers (per character), at the time of your request. 

To request the release of a character name that is already in use, please contact our customer support team here and do each of the following: 

  • Have two (2) Name Change Vouchers available, per character being changed, in your Received Items tab.

    Ex.: Renaming one character will require two (2) Name Change Vouchers. Renaming two of your characters will require four (4) Name Change Vouchers, and so on. 

  • In the ticket’s description, list YOUR character name(s) that you wish to change including its Region (NA or EU).

    Ex: My OldName  (NA)

  • Below that, list the "inactive" names that you desire. The names must be listed in the order of preference, from top to bottom. You may make separate lists, per character, that you are renaming. The first eligible name on the list will be the one that Customer Support will immediately use to rename your character. 

    Name ILove
    Name ILike
    Name IsOkay
  • Once we reach an eligible name (per two [2] Name Change Vouchers) in the list, the rest of the name list will be ignored; as they weren’t preferred over the previous names in the list. This name will be immediately used for the character's name change. 

    Ex: If "Name ILove" isn’t eligible, and "Name ILike" is eligible, we will not check "Name IsOkay"; unless the player has four (4) Name Change Vouchers and is requesting to change two of their character's names. 

  • Players/Accounts who submit name requests without at least two (2) Name Change Vouchers on the account, will be limited to a grand total of 3 names to check. If using one (or more) of these name checks is your intent, please state this in your ticket.


*This is subject to change at any time. 

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