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Supported Two-Step (OTP Authentication) Verification Methods

Two-Step Verification is a system that requires you to prove your identity when logging into the game, in addition to inputting your normal account name and password. This is done using an app that you install on a mobile device or on your computer’s operating system. 

Supported Authenticators (We have tested and verified these work):

Unsupported Authenticators: (These are untested and are less secure than Android or iOS above, but will offer some protection)

*Remember since WinAuth works from the same computer as you are playing, if the computer becomes compromised, so might WinAuth. We encourage you to use encryption with (1) either a *strong* password, or (2) computer and user specific windows encryption. 


If you are not using a supported device and are instead authenticating through WinAuth or other Operating system based authentication methods, please use caution. 

Be sure to save your key seed (that string of characters) when you bind it. 

Write your key seed down on paper and put it away for safekeeping in your purse, wallet, or a drawer. DO NOT save it on your computer. 

The Two-Factor Authentication App itself gives very good advice and we recommend users follow that advice. We encourage everyone to use encryption with a *strong* password.  


What is the advantage of using a smartphone/tablet for Two-Step Verification over using a computer based authenticator?

Having Google Authenticator running on your device requires access to the device in order to get the special login code the app on the device generates. If you are the only person with access to your device, nobody else can get access to the special login code. Even if they know the login name and password, you’re protected with Two-Step Verification. Plus, the computer base authenticator requires that you use the computer the program was original installed on to get a proper code. This is a drag for players away from their home computers.

For more information on how to set things up from the Account Management side, please see our article on Two-Step Verification: Setting Up

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