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Where are my Premium Points ?!

First, please make sure that you’ve fully applied your code to your account. You can find out how to do this here:

Once you have fully applied your code to the account, you should receive your Premium Points on your account. Premium Points are account-wide, so they will be available to all characters on your account.

You can see the number of Premium Points in the lower right-hand corner of the Hongmoon store, next to your Rank. You can access the Hongmoon Store by pressing [F10].

Premium Points are displayed as follows:

  1. Your Rank (1-10: this contains all the premium points earned to earn this rank. E.g. Rank 2 = 20,800 points)
  2. # of points earned since reaching your rank/ # of points required to reach the next rank

In the example below, the player has so far earned 20,800 (Rank 2) + 8000 = 28,800 Premium Points. When he earns exactly another 5600 points, he will reach Rank 3 and his points will show as 0/14,400.

Please take note of the following Premium Points equivalent for each rank, along with the corresponding Founder's Pack:

  • Initiate Pack (20,800 Premium Points) - Rank 2
  • Disciple Pack (34,400 Premium Points) - Rank 3
  • Master Pack (48,800 Premium Points) - Rank 4

For you to be able to progress with the Premium Rank, you need to purchase items from the Hongmoon Store. Each item has an equivalent Rank Points (e.g. Winter Flower provides 12,000 Rank Points).

The more you purchase from the Hongmoon Store, the more Rank points you will be able to accumulate to get to the next Rank.

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