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Known Gameplay Issues (updated)

Here you will find the list of currently known issues within Blade & Soul. This list is not complete and does not contain all issues found within the game.


  • After you kill a boss, the instance progression window will pop-up letting you know how many bosses you've killed along the way. Currently, this window displays the wrong boss, showing the next objective instead of the one you just complete
  • Daily Dash is resetting at 12 AM server time instead of 6 AM server time.
  • Some players are experiencing a crash to desktop or black screen when skipping certain cutscenes right at the beginning.
    •  Workaround: Wait a few seconds into the cutscene before hitting ESC
  • The server queue message is not displaying your position in the queue or the total number of players waiting
  • Some players are experiencing crash issues when using Razer Synapse
    • Workaround: Close Razer Synapse when playing Blade & Soul
  • [NEW] Warlock items drop in the game. This will not change before the Warlock class is released, but we promise it will be soon!

Premium Membership

  • Some Premium Membership benefits are missing from the benefits window. This is just a display bug, the benefits are actually active
  • In the Wardrobe, the “Hongmoon Store” costume category is incorrectly labeled “B&S N Shop”

Hongmoon Store

  • The following costumes cannot be stored in the wardrobe currently:
    • Blue Porcelain
    • Scarlet Shade 
  • The search feature in the Hongmoon Store is not working properly


  • Various Voice-Over issues with the "Way of the" quest line
  • Voice-Over missing in epic quest "Chapter 5. Savior" dialogue
  • Various issues with chat emote commands in French and German:
    • French – Does not trigger emote:
      • /s’incliner
        • instead use /saluer
      • /blague
        • instead use /taquiner
      • /youpi
        • instead use /bravo
    • German
      • /grüßen does not trigger emote
        • instead use /verneigen
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