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Two-Step Verification (OTP Authentication): Setting Up

How to Apply 2-Step Verification:

To apply an authenticator to your account, please click the 'Add' link next to "2-Step Verification" on your account page here:


**Make sure to write down the code you receive when setting up the Authenticator, and keep it in a safe place. (See above in red box) This code will be required if you lose your mobile device, to add it to a new one. **

More details on Supported devices can be found HERE

How does the Blade and Soul Authenticator work?

First, you will log in to Blade and Soul as normal, with your account name and password. Next, you’ll be asked for a six-digit numeric code from the authenticator. At this point, simply enter the code provided by the authenticator to proceed using your mouse (your numpad will be disabled during this step). Without this code, no one will be able to log in to your account. This effectively prevents attackers from unauthorized use of your account.

How do I get the Blade and Soul Authenticator?

Visit the app store for your mobile platform of choice, and locate the “Google Authenticator” app. This app is provided free of charge. The two-step verification scheme used for Blade and Soul is fully compatible with this app.

Can I use the same authenticator for multiple Blade and Soul accounts?

Each Blade and soul account will be provided with a separate, unique authenticator “secret code.” This code cannot be shared between accounts. However, the Google Authenticator app does support linking multiple accounts, each with their own unique secret code.

What should I do if I lose or want to unlink the mobile device linked to my account?

You can unlink the authenticator at any time by logging in to Account Management and proceeding to the Security section. Please note that to log in while two-step verification is configured on your account, you will need to have access to your mobile device.

If you want to unlink your authenticator but no longer have access to your mobile device and do not have the CODE, you will need to contact Support for assistance.


How do I link the authenticator to a new device?

Begin by unlinking the authenticator from your old device via the Security section of Account Management. Once this is completed, simply follow the original procedure to link your account to the new device.

How do I deactivate Two-Step Verification from my Blade and Soul  Account?

To deactivate Two-Step Verification from your Blade and Soul account you will need to access the NC Account on the website and have a properly synced special login code from the Google Authenticator.

Log into the NC Account and click on DEACTIVATE for Two-Step Verification in the Account Security section.

Click the Blue DEACTIVATE button on the next page.

Input the 6-digit verification code from the Google Two-Step app on your device and click the blue VERIFY button.

Click the blue OK button and you’re finished. Two-Step Verification has been removed from the Blade and Soul game account.

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