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I didn't get an authentication code to verify my IP address

Why is it asking me for an authentication code?

In order to log into NC Account Management or our forums, you need to have verified your IP address. If you're logging in from a new IP, you'll get a warning message asking you for a verification code. The code should arrive at the email address you have registered to your NC Account within a few minutes.

Click on the link in the email or fill in the code provided and click 'submit' to proceed.

Security note: NEVER click on the verification link if you didn't try to access the account management page. That would be like giving a stranger the keys to your house.

Another note: If you can't find it in your inbox, definitely check your spam folder. Some email providers can block these authentication emails, or only deliver them after a significant delay. We have been informed of issues with the following providers:

  • 1 & 1
  • GMX
  • WEB.DE

To make things as easy as possible in the future, we would advise you to change your email address to a different provider (like Gmail or Yahoo).

I can't log into the account management tool to change my email address!

Please submit a ticket and ask to have it changed. Our support agents will ask you for some additional information to prove your identity, but then they should be able to update your account email address for you.

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