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Founder's Packs


Question Do I have to purchase a Founder’s Pack to play Blade & Soul when it launches early 2016?

No. Blade & Soul will be completely free to play when it launches. However, the Founder’s Packs grant you access to our Closed Beta, Head Start, and many other bonuses as listed above.


Question I have purchased a Founder’s Pack for Blade & Soul. What will happen next?

Your account will automatically be granted Closed Beta access and Head Start access when they begin. Depending on the pack you have purchased, your account may also be granted Character Name Reservation access when it is available, prior to Head Start.


Question How do I get my extra Founder’s Pack benefits?

For all other Founder’s Pack benefits, you will receive a serial key which will be distributed to your NCSOFT account page when Head Start begins. Redemption can be activated anytime after Head Start. For more information on how to use your serial key, click here.


Question What if I want to play on a different region to the one I am purchasing the Founder’s Pack from?

Blade & Soul will not be restricting regional play, so you will be able to enjoy your Founder’s Pack benefits on either region you choose to play on, North America and Europe. Please note that characters will be region specific and cannot be transferred.


Question Can I purchase Founder’s Packs from my local game store/other local retail store?

No. You can purchase Blade & Soul Founder’s Packs from our online order page here.


Question Why are there three different Founder’s Packs?

We understand that many different players have different budgets. We wanted to offer a wide range of options at different price points to accommodate that, but ensure that everyone who supports Blade & Soul can access the Closed Beta and Head Start.


Question What payment methods can I use to purchase Founder’s Packs?

You can use either a credit card or PayPal. We are investigating adding more payment options in the future and will update this FAQ with more details as we have them. For more details on purchasing via PayPal, please click here.


Question If I purchase a Founder’s Pack and change my mind, can I get a refund?

Yes. You can request a refund of your purchase any time before the start of Character Name Reservation. For more information, click here.


Question If I purchase the Initiate Pack or Disciple Pack, can I upgrade to a higher tier at a later date?

No, there is currently no option to upgrade to a higher tier Founder’s Pack after purchase. We are investigating the possibility of adding this feature, but for now it is not possible to upgrade your purchase.


Benefits & Packages

Question How many character slots will I have if I do not purchase a Founder’s Pack?

Each player will have access to 2 Character Slots prior to purchasing any upgrades via the in-game store or benefits from purchasing Founder’s Packs. Purchasing the Disciple Founder’s Pack will grant you access to 2 additional Character Slots (4 total). Purchasing the Master Founder’s Pack will grant you access to 5 additional Character Slots (7 total).


Question Do I have to purchase all three Founder’s Packs to get all the benefits?

No. Purchasing the Disciple Founder’s Pack will give you all the benefits from the Initiate Founder’s Pack, and purchasing the Master Founder’s Pack will give you all the benefits from both of the previous tiers.


Question Do my Founder’s Pack benefits need to be activated or will they automatically be applied at head start?

With the exception of Closed Beta, Head Start and Character Name Reservation, you will need to redeem your Founder’s Pack serial key anytime after Head Start to receive your Founder’s Pack benefits. For more information on this process, click here.


Question How does Character Name Reservation work? The Founder’s Pack page states that we will be able to “pre-generate” our characters and secure our name. Does this mean I have to create my character’s looks before I can reserve my name?

Yes. Prior to Head Start you must log into the Blade & Soul client, create a character and select a name, but you will not be able to play the game until Head Start begins. If you purchase a Disciple or Master Founder’s Pack, you will also be given a Character Alteration Voucher, this will allow you to redesign your character’s appearance.


Question Are names reserved across North America and Europe or just in each region?

Name reservations will be on a per-region basis. For example: a character may have the same name on a North America server and on a European server, but not on two European servers.


Question Will the costume, accessory or weapon skins available in the Master Founder’s Pack be available on the in-game store in the future?

No. These items are exclusive to the Master Founder’s Pack and will not be available in the in-game stores.


Question Does the Master Founder’s Pack include both exclusive costumes, or do I have to choose one of the two? Are there male and female versions of each costume for the races?

Both exclusive costumes are included in the Master Founder’s Pack, and there are male and female versions of each costume for the races in Blade & Soul.


Question Are the costumes, accessory, and weapon skin in the Master Founder’s Pack available for all characters I create on my account?

You can redeem your Founder’s Packs benefits only once, but all items included in the Founder’s Packs can be shared between all your characters on the same account. Note that in the case of the Weapon Skin and consumable items , these can only be used once so choose wisely which character to use them on.


Question Are the items I receive from the Founder’s Packs, such as the costume, accessory, weapon skins, or starter pack items, tradable to other players in the game?

No. All Founder’s Pack items are not tradable to other players.


Question If I purchase a Disciple or Master Founder’s Pack, do I have to use the Character Alteration voucher within a certain time period?

No. There is no expiration time for the Character Alteration Voucher.



Closed Beta


Question Does purchasing a Founder’s Pack grant me access to every Closed Beta test?

Yes. If you purchase any level of Founder’s Pack you will be able to access our Closed Beta and have a chance of being invited to two special Technical Alpha tests. These Technical Alpha tests will be separate from the Closed Beta and focused on testing server performance.


Question When will Closed Beta access start?

We’ll have more information on Closed Beta dates and access in the future. Sign up for our Newsletter to be the first to know.


Question Will there be ways to get into Closed Beta without purchasing a Founder’s Pack?

Purchasing a Founder’s Pack is the only way to ensure access to our Closed Beta. There will be giveaways and random selections from those signed up to our Newsletter, but these are not ways to ensure participation.



Premium Membership & Premium Points


Question What is Premium Membership?

Premium Membership provides optional quality of life benefits to compliment your experience in the game. Disciple and Master Founder’s Packs include Premium Membership for 30 days and 90 days respectively. When that membership expires, you can purchase additional membership time in the in-game store.


Question What are Premium Points? What benefits do you get from them?

Premium Points are used to increase your Premium Membership Tier. You accumulate Premium Points with every purchase you make in the NCoin Store and Hongmoon Store.


Question What are the Premium Membership Tiers?

You accumulate Premium Points with every purchase you make in the NCoin Store and Hongmoon Store that count towards raising your Premium Membership Tier. Additional Premium Membership benefits, like bonus quest gold and reduced Windstride cooldown, are unlocked as your Premium Membership Tier rises.


Question Do Premium Points expire/go away?

No. Premium Points will never go away or expire, you will continue to collect them over your account’s lifetime and even if your Premium Membership runs out, you will not lose any Premium Points you have accumulated. However, an active Premium Membership is required to receive the benefits of Premium Points.


Question Will Free Players play on the same servers as Premium Membership players?



Question Will I be able to transfer from one region to another?

Characters cannot be transferred between regions, but you are free to create characters on both the North American and European regions if you wish to.


Question Will the Founder’s Pack be available for purchase after launch?
Answer There are currently no plans to offer Founder’s Packs after Blade & Soul launches.


Question Can I gift a Founder’s Pack to a friend?
Answer At this time you cannot purchase a Blade & Soul Founder’s Pack for another person or friend.


Question I am not from a European or North American country can I still purchase a Founder’s Pack?
Answer Yes, however you will still be required to play on servers in the North American or European regions.


Question Can I purchase more than 1 Founder’s Pack on my account?
Answer No. If you wish to purchase multiple Founder’s Packs you would need to purchase them on separate NCSOFT accounts and the benefits would not be transferable.


Question Will there be an Oceanic Server?
Answer At this time we have no plans for an Oceanic Server.


Question Where will the servers be located?
Answer Our North American servers are located in Dallas, TX. Our European servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany.
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