Blade & Soul Support


The Treasure Trove keys are available again!

We’ve addressed the issue concerning the Treasure Trove’s item drop rates with today’s maintenance and have enabled the purchases of Treasure Trove Keys once again.

We’ll be reimbursing all used Treasure Trove Keys and instant key purchases that occurred from when the Treasure Trove went live on May 24, until the hotfix maintenance on May 25. If you qualify for an item reimbursement, the Treasure Trove Keys can be found within your Received Items.


Starting today 5/24/2017 XIGNCODE3 will be replacing GameGuard as our primary gaming security solution for Blade & Soul. For any additional information please see our Knowledge Base Article.

64-bit Client is Live

If you are experiencing issues trying to run the game in 64-bit mode, we recommend that you run the client using the 32-bit option through the launcher settings menu. You can do this by clicking the “Settings” tab in the upper right corner of the game launcher and then checking the “Run with 32-bit Client” box.

Other Known Issues:

We’re aware of the phishing in-game mail that is attempting to collect player's login information. We have taken action against the senders and we are working with the development team to alleviate this type of abuse in the future. We will never initiate contact via in-game mail in regards to account issues. Please report phishing scams and players that you encounter who are impersonating GM's or NCSOFT employees so we can take action against them.

Also, please note that we host our websites on two domains for Blade & Soul: and If you're asked to log in to a site that isn't one of these domains either via in-game mail or email, do not continue.