Blade & Soul Support


We are currently aware of the issue where players cannot send mail to other players. We are working to correct this as quickly as possible.

Please note that you are still able to send mail to your own characters, on the same account.

There is also a known issue with new Character Profile photo uploads. If you have any previously saved "Portrait" photos, they may still work.

Known Issues as of August 24th's Patch:

Please see the Official Forum link: Here.

Other Known Issues:

We’re aware of the phishing in-game mail that is attempting to collect player's login information. We have taken action against the senders and we are working with the development team to alleviate this type of abuse in the future. We will never initiate contact via in-game mail in regards to account issues. Please report phishing scams and players that you encounter who are impersonating GM's or NCSOFT employees so we can take action against them.

Also, please note that we host our websites on two domains for Blade & Soul: and If you're asked to log in to a site that isn't one of these domains either via in-game mail or email, do not continue.