Blade & Soul Support


We are currently aware of an issue that is affecting @hotmail and @outlook mail users preventing these users from sending or receiving emails. Until this issue has been resolved, it is recommend that you do not attempt to make any changes on your account such as resetting your password.

Until this issue has been resolved, if you need to contact support, please do so using an alternate email address.

For further updates, please visit the official Microsoft site HERE.


XIGNCODE3 will be replacing GameGuard as our primary gaming security solution for Blade & Soul. For any additional information please see our Knowledge Base Article.

64-bit Client is Live

If you are experiencing issues trying to run the game in 64-bit mode, we recommend that you run the client using the 32-bit option through the launcher settings menu. You can do this by clicking the “Settings” tab in the upper right corner of the game launcher and then checking the “Run with 32-bit Client” box.

Other Known Issues

Please see the Official Forum link: Here.